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Evermore Girl exists to connect, inspire and empower creative entrepreneurs to change the world for the better.

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Boundaries are an invitation for others to experience your truth, and a reminder that they can define their own.


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Our show will motivate you to...

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  • how to find your ideal audience
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Brandy Moreira, founder of Evermore Girl interviews today’s most experienced and knowledgeable female business owners, innovators and creatives about their journey as entrepreneurs. On each episode, Brandy will explore the day-to-day lives of visionaries, their challenges, successes and the “why” behind the ventures they built. If you’re an emerging entrepreneur wanting to bring your idea into the world, check out the podcast for actionable steps, insight, and inspiration.

Season 1 Currently in Development!

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What No One Tells You About Being Engaged


I know I’ve written my engagement story before. It was a special moment, sweet and heartfelt. What I haven’t written about is how I knew it was coming before it happened…